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Why Create Cost-Effective Virtual Summits?

A virtual summit can be an incredible lead generator for coaches, consultants and therapists.

However, the challenge is the time and effort investment, which normally puts a virtual summit out of reach for most people.

There is a better way. In this special report, we'll share with you how we have run 4 summits and spent less than 10 hours on the complete administration of the speakers. In total we've run over 100 sessions across 4 summits, and the administration, building out web pages, setting writing emails, and all the other detailed work that goes into running a virtual event, has taken us less than 40 hours.

And these summits have generated over US$65,000 in direct revenue.

It's totally possible for you to create a similar impact. We're not promising you a huge amount of sales - we're promising you a better way of setting up and manage all the speakers and the event itself.

And if you have a VA team, you'll cut down SIGNIFICANTLY on the amount of stress and confusion around your event and speaker management, with a potentially significant cost reduction as well.

We'll share with you how one team shaved 140 hours off their event preparation using the methods and systems we describe in this special report.

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